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I have read several articles in which the writer has call the Bolt ugly. I beg to differ. While I do think it might lose a beauty contest to a Lamborghini, I sure wouldn't call the Bolt ugly. I and my family think it's reallycute. In any event beauty is only skin deep. One must look beneath its outer coverings to see the all of the Bolt's beauty.
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The Bolt isn't ugly it's quaint. It's not good looking by any definition. I think the 2nd gen Volt was much better looking.

I agree with what you said -- I came from a 2017 Gen2 volt (RIP thanks to red light runner totaling it) I rock a 22 EUV now and very much enjoy the slightly bigger size, taller ride, and being incredibly comfortable all around.

I had my heart set on a sexy EV6, but they just can't build them fast enough. My EUV does exactly what I need, and being $20k cheaper than my EV6 order was a huge bonus.
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