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Update: Sold! (was for Sale): BC Racing Coil-over Suspension for 2017-2020 Chevy Bolt

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Bonus! Includes four brand new unused damper cartridges (not included in original kit)

I installed this on my 2019 Bolt and it truly transformed the handling. However with the stock spring rates from BC, it's a bit too stiff for my 60-year-old self and my passengers.

I'm including four spare (two front, two rear) brand new, unused, uninstalled damper cartridges. These spares are not included in the original kit you'd get from BC Racing or from EV-Mods. I had a rattle in my front suspension which BC diagnosed to be defective front cartridges and sent me brand new replacements. They actually sent me warranty replacements for all four corners even though the rattle was only in the front. However I ended up removing the suspension before ever installing the replacements, so all four replacements are still brand new and uninstalled. They never asked for the originals back, so I am including the originals plus unused replacements in this sale.

The fronts had been installed for 680 miles. The rears were in longer, for 4500 miles. Note that the four replacement cartridges are uninstalled so all have zero miles on them.

My asking price is $750 (or best reasonable offer) plus actual shipping costs from Massachusetts. This includes the the four spare unused damper cartridges in addition to the entire kit as supplied by BC Racing. My asking price is three to five hundred dollars less than new from BC or EV-Mods, and includes the four extra dampers that would not be included with their kit.

The extra dampers might be especially handy for any of you who are considering having custom valving done.

I might be willing to drive a short road trip to meet if you'd like to avoid shipping charges. Let me know if you're interested, and we can talk about it.

Please let me know what you think. I would like to get a reasonable price for the kit plus spares, but also would like to move it along and get it out of my garage, so I am open to offers.

- Bob

BR Series Coilover Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017-2020

2017-2020 Chevy Bolt EV Coilover Kit by BC Racing Q-22-BR

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Do these lower the Bolt? If so (which I assume), how much does it lower the car?
Do these lower the Bolt? If so (which I assume), how much does it lower the car?
Hi -

I installed them set to the height adjustment provided by the factory, and it lowered my car by about 1" all around. They are adjustable of course, and the adjustment appeared to be about in the middle of the range. So you could probably bump it up to close to stock height, or lower it by an additional inch if you were so inclined.

- Bob
Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the difference that the sway bar made but am not sure I want to stiffen the ride any more than it already is.
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