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The second generation Bolts are vastly improved and in a multitude of ways. I won’t even be able to get to the detail stuff, but I will answer your immediate questions and a few more that you didn’t ask.

1) The overall fit and finish is much nicer in my opinion. Higher quality of finish and particularly the dash. I didn’t have a squeaky interior in the earlier years, and I still don’t. I haven’t experienced creaking or rattling in any location or any other condition than an extremely washboard road that will make anything rattle.

2) I have an EUV premier, so I don’t miss anything. I never cared about the unlocking buttons on the rear doors, so I don’t miss them at all, and I can’t think of anything else that is now gone. I absolutely don’t miss the old shifter and the idiocy of trying to get it into car wash mode. I was initially surprised by how the regen setting also works in reverse, but quickly got used to it. The EUV doesn’t have any aluminum doors or hood, so they feel heavier, but they are actually more traditional in the way they close. They somehow made the EUV quieter than the original EV, and that could be a part of it. I also don’t miss the much less intuitive infotainment system, and I definitely like the HVAC controls much better.

3) The seats are much better than the 2017 and a noticeable improvement over the 2020 as well. The power seats are much more adaptable and the ventilation option is extremely nice for the leather seats. I never feel damp now. The lumbar support is now adjustable, and the overall car is superior for longer trips. I have not become uncomfortable yet in the EUV. The ACC is helpful at times, but it is basically in the same category as the LKA. It only works for some situations, and I will turn it off when a road is curvy so that it doesn’t get false readings from vehicles in other lanes. I will also turn it off when traffic is variable in speed. It also doesn’t recognize that cars are coming to a stop ahead until later than I care to wait for, and then make a harder stop than I also don’t care to have happen. It is good for flat ground but uses more physical brakes than regen to keep speeds down.

4) I already covered the seats. If you like the seats in a 2017 you will find a new level of appreciation for the latest seats. The backrest on the 2017 was all wrong, and the seat bases were too soft, which meant that I could feel the bolsters with my theighs. I absolutely did not like the 2017 seats at all. I thought they should be recalled.

The EUV ride is a subtle but much smoother experience. The noise level is the cabin is lower to a very noticeable level. The general ride is softer and more refined. The “pogo stick” suspension of the EV is gone. I absolutely like the EUV better as a result, and the slightly less acceleration and handling performance is questionable for any significant reason. I actually think that the EUV feels more capable of superior handling on less smooth surfaces, as the suspension keeps the tires hooked-up better than the stiffer EV suspension. Slightly more body lean doesn’t slow anything down other than in the mind.

The new infotainment software is vastly improved. The app format is intuitive and easy to navigate. Much easier.

Did I mention that the new shifter setup is much easier to use? I can go into a car wash now without having to get out and explain to the moron controlling the conveyor to wait for my signal before he engages the thing. I actually stopped going to one particular car wash because of that problem. Now I just press the N button and it’s ready to go.
‘20 EV LT swap to a ‘23 EUV Premiere - I would echo all of this.
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