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(Updated 1/28) Used to have a 2018 Premier, now have a 2023 EV 2LT. Here are what I consider regressions (roughly in decreasing order of importance):
  • No Rear door unlock buttons - if you use them, they're extremely handy
  • Rear seats aren't heated.
  • No Camera-in-mirror
  • 2022+ rear lights design is worse IMO - but not having brake and indicators on the tail lights is just plain terrible.
  • IMO, Chevy took a pretty unusable center console and somehow made it much more unusable in 2022+.
    • I liked the original shifter and the ability to toggle between D & L. Now there's a bunch of buttons that are impossible to use by feel - have to look down - and take up more space. Heck, the D/L button is flush and indistinguishable from the console.
    • The new console has a bunch of homogenous buttons, it's basically impossible to tell them apart by feel. The location/size of the sports mode/traction/lane-keep-assist buttons is plain dangerous. Why is the heated steering wheel not on the steering wheel?
    • FYI - center armrest no longer moves, no tray in space under center armrest (this you can buy).
  • Front camera doesn't automatically come on while parking, this worked in the previous version. And seriously, just give us a dedicated camera button - there's literally an unused button in the console
  • Front console - I really like the original Bolt's white/grey colour combination & design, the new one is plain and boring.
  • Same with seats colour scheme - just plain & dark (with not-very-strong interior lights)
  • Regen in reverse feels weird but can be worked with.
  • The extra-regen steering wheel button is smaller and located above its previous location. The new location takes some getting used to.
  • Worse main infotainment screen - the split view in the old EV was nice. The overall infotainment system is better though.
  • Apparently no led turn signals on the side mirrors.
  • No roof rails.
Comparison of Old and New Bolts in my Family has a good comparison.

Things the 2022+ EV 2LT has added compared with 2017: ACC, Driver PowerSeat, HD Rearview camera, Sticky 'L' setting, better seats, wireless carplay (surprisingly, this is the biggest improvement for me)
The EUV lost me when it added 6 inches to the car for "looks" and rear seats instead of the trunk - I'm still in disbelief.

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Some of these differences are going from the Premier trim to the 2LT trim, not necessarily going from 2017 to 2023.
I don't know what this means :). This is a highest-trim 2017EV to highest-trim 2022+EV (not EUV) comparison as OP asked for. That's 2017 EV Premier to 2022+ EV 2LT, there is no Premier trim for the 2022+ EV.

the 2022+ gives a more premium feeling, yet muted interior, better touch screen including software/user experience, updated front end, less "chrome" (yay!). But you also lose out on the handy rear camera sprayer.
Indeed. Agree with more premium feeling and probably touch screen experience. Personally, I like chrome, and prefer the quirky interior over the muted one. I didn't know the rear camera sprayer was gone, that'll be missed!
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