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It's improved so much we actually purchased one. Everything in above post is spot on....
We test drove original Bolt several times and wanted one so bad but couldn't commit due to the seats being really uncomfortable for us and interiors overall cheaper feeling to us.
The new Bolt and Bolt EUV are really nice inside. Not world class materials but now feels more like a regular car. The infotainment system is very good. We had basically the same system in our Cadillac ATS but everything was done thru the touch screen or little touch bars. Hated that part of it. The Bolts have added back physical adjustments for the air conditioning controls which are easy to use and feel great. Love the shift button layout once we got used to it. Having no shift lever helps with that open feeling. We went for the base EUV with the leather package specifically to get the ventilated seats. Can't wait to really test them out in the Phoenix heat. They really addressed all of our turnoffs on the original Bolt. It's now a car that I feel will appeal to a lot more people. Especially the EUV looking more like an SUV. At first we were leaning towards the regular Bolt because of the lower price and slightly better visibility but the EUV ending up appealing to us a little more with ventilated seats.The seats were a big enough improvement we finally bought a Bolt. For me they could still be a little wider. There is room so I don't understand why they couldn't have made them another inch or so in width. They feel slightly strange at the shoulder blade but hopefully will break in some.

We felt like the original Bolt just had to many negatives for us to actually live with. It was very fun to test drive. Felt more hot hatch sporty to me where the EUV is a little more tame. That's okay for us as an everyday vehicle. I am very impressed with the fit and finish so far.
We almost bought a 2022 Bolt EV when they first came out but dealer was being shifty so we walked even though it was a good price. It worked out for us cause a few months later the were added to the battery recall list. With the new lower price we were able to get the EUV with the options we wanted for a slightly lower price.
I just wish they would have left the brake lights where they were in the earlier Bolts. I think the wheels on the original Bolt premier are the best looking stock option. I also prefer the front end of the original Bolt EV over the newer Bolt EV. Not a fan of what they did to lighting area. Looks like Cadillac waterfall styling which I don't care for. That's another reason I prefer the EUV look over the EV. Just a personal preference...ymmv.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts