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Here's a few questions for those who have gone from 2017-2021 to a 2022+ (more specifically premier vs. 2lt)

1. Is interior quality that much better after a few months of ownership? Less creaks and rattles specifically? The scratchy dash of my 2017 is so bad...
2. I love the rearview mirror camera in my 2017... sad it's only available for EUV. What else do you miss from the older version?
3. What else have you noticed that the newer version has that the old doesn't besides power seat and ACC?
4. I don't think the old seats are that bad... are the new seats quite good?

I have sat in an EUV and was able to look inside an EV, but couldn't sit or touch because it was already sold...
I looked at the Bolt EVs in 2017, and didn't buy one because I didn't like the finish, and the seats were uncomfortable for me.
With that said, I did buy a 2023 Bolt EV 2LT(Not EUV).
1. There are no creaks or rattles. The build quality is very good.
2. No comment on this - The rearview comes up in the center screen, and I like that. I do have the upgraded camera system that shows an overhead view all around the car. But only when in reverse of course. I don't have any clue what could be different in the 2017. But I can't imagine wanting anything more than this.
3. No idea.
4. Like I said above, I didn't like the seats in the 2017 at all. But the new seats are great. Weird I know to base my purchasing decision on how comfortable the seats are, but I didn't buy before, and I did in 2023, for that reason (amongst all the other reasons).
1 - 1 of 42 Posts