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USB-C Android Auto issue

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So I have had this problem on my BOLT that I have NOT been having in my Rav4. My Android Auto crashes randomly in my bolt and has done so with 2 different phones even when trying multiple different cables (all USB-C). These same phones, and their cables, have not had the same problem running AA on my Rav4. So I took it in multiple times and the dealership has not been able to re-produce. I tried yet another phone with micro-usb on the BOLT and it has not experienced the problem yet. They are going to switch out the USB hub on the car today. Crossing my fingers.

So my question is this...

Has anyone else had similar crashing problems and is your phone regular USB? Or USB-C?
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Another disaffected Android Auto user here. No matter what I try as just will not appear on the dash screen about half the time seemingly at random.
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