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Used bolts in mass storage

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My photos doesn't capture the amount of bolts stored here near me in Antioch calif. I'll estimate 8k after seeing 17 k German diesels stored here during the VW diesel scandal.The first photo was take about a month ago ,maybe 1 k then.Been seeing truck loads of bolts headed this way lately on the highways. I heard a radio news brief (KCBS am740)about a CAN proposal to give $9500 discounts towards a used bolt inorder to get old polluting autos off the road here in central calif said to be in use by low income residents (farm workers) . I'd like to learn more about this if you can direct me to more info if appreciate it.
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A lot of people on this forum should probably watch that movie "A Day Without a Mexican."
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Most of the people I know with trucks who don’t live in rural areas use their trucks to go to work at their desk job or go to the movies or out to the nightclub. It’s only in rural areas where people actually need trucks to do “truck things.” For the vast majority of truck owners, an EV truck even with current limitations is more than adequate. Within the next 5 years, we’ll see EV trucks can that do “super duty” type activities and then all this talk about towing will stop.
I don't consider myself "above" blue collar work, I consider myself incompetent at it. I hire people with skills I respect to do it for me.
I just have a lot going on all the time and I don’t have time to learn how to do every single job in the entire world. So I hire people with particular skills to do some of the work for me.
1 - 3 of 137 Posts