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June 2022: Sorry for a winter post in summer... On my 2013 Volt, I normally set the temperature to 72 or 73F in the winter and wait for the car to respond. I do not expect an instant response from any vehicle, especially given the old ICE (literal and figurative) days when we had to wait for the engine block to warm. However it has been my experience that in order to get sufficient heat from the vehicle I may have to set things to around 76... which just doesn't make sense. Reminds me of my landlord days when our tenant below would set the heater to 85 and then later turn it off because it was too hot - then repeat.

Is the Bolt like that? I would expect a vehicle to try to reach a given requested temperature with some efficient but effective haste, irregardless if the setting is to the actual desired temperature or to an artificially high temperature. If I get a Bolt will it treat 72 with a lower priority than 76? Or is your experience that it treats both with the same consideration.

2013 silver Volt and possible future Bolt owner
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