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Waiting on tenterhooks....2023 Bolt EUV

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I ordered my Bolt EUV on 26 Sept 2022. I found out how to check the order status on the chevy site. Its been a month and the conciege still says the order is not officially accepted. What?!
Does anyone know about this? I think i know more about this and ev's than my salesman.
I'm worried that the packages i ordered are difficult for chevy to build. I ordered the sunroof with the blue metallic and gray seats. I skipped the supercruise.
I have visions of the paint chief putting me in a short line for blue metallic, waiting for more orders. Or waiting for parts for a sunroof.
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I took delivery of my ’23 exactly 10 weeks from the day I placed my order (Premier, Blue Metalic, no additional options). I also live in the midwest about 6 hours from the plant, so that helps. It did take about a month for my order to be officially accepted by GM. That said, one major factor that plays into how long it takes for an order to get accepted is the amount of allocation your dealership… which has a bit to do with the volume of units they move, etc.
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