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GM stated production capacity (30K yr)
GM never stated a 30K production capacity (or any other number for that matter). They have always stated "demand constrained". They did give an estimate of 20K to 30K the first year.

The pricing the OP is seeing is typical for non Section 177 (ZEV) states, and was what the first Bolts in ALL markets were going for.

GM is pushing the Bolt heavily in CA (hence the heavy discounts/incentives available there) as the ZEV credits for the '17 MY travel to all Section 177 States and they get 4 credits for each Bolt sold. This changes with the 2018 MY when the credits no longer travel in the same way and the value drops to 2.8 credits.

Section 177 States are seeing some incentives, but not to the extent available in CA.
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