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We don't regret buying before tax credits returned

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We bought our '22 EUV last September when we found it at a dealer figuring we'd grab it while we could since no one knew for sure what would happen with the tax credits. And even if we missed out on the credits, we'd still have a great car with exactly the specs we wanted. (By Sunday afternoon, it'll have over 11,000 miles on it.)

When we got our tax return figured out yesterday, it turned out that we had nothing to worry about. Even without the tax break, our total tax liability came to $0 for 2022. Well, technically, it was $51, but we got that back out of our solar panel credit rolled over from 2021. So, the tax break would have done nothing for us since we got back all our withholding anyway.

I honestly didn't expect that low of a tax bill this time, but it sure shows that the tax credit doesn't help everybody.
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I seem to always miss the times for every free money.

Jerry, you need to pay more than $51.
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