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22 EUV here -- I'm using the OEM 32A dual voltage cord for home charging, roughly 25/mi an hour worth of range. Extra fun bit is I got to re-use my drop down charge tube that I built for my Volt. Love being able to push a button and make it all disappear : )

I keep a Tesla Mobile connector (and J1772 adapter) with the NEMA pack in the underfloor storage. I use it when I travel to parents to visit as they are pretty remote, can just hook it up to dad's 50A welder outlet and be good to go. The EVSE that came with your EUV is more than adequate for 99% of people's needs, UL listed, and rock solid. Unless you are super techy and want a charger that has fancy wifi or bluetooth energy tracking there's really no reason to buy another one.
1 - 2 of 106 Posts