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2023 Bolt EUV
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So we just got our 2023 EUV last week and just started the process to get the 220 outlet installed. Are people using the supplied 220 charge cord supplied with the car or are you buying a charging station and using that?

Our utility company has 250.00 rebate program and I am wondering if we should take advantage of the offer or just use the supplied charge cord?

Congrats on the new BEUV. I've had mine for about a month. I used the supplied Level 1/2 charger cord for a few weeks at home, primarily to suppliment fast charging on the way home. As of yesterday, I now have a 48watt Wallbox charger and will do all my charging at home. The charger, cuttoff switch and home surge protector will cost around $1000, some of which I will get back.
1 - 2 of 106 Posts