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What is the most fuel efficient way to accelerate?

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Hi Everyone,

I am wondering what is the most efficient way to accelerate from a stop light. In gas cars, there is such a thing as accelerating too slowly, which results in using more fuel.

Is this the same for electric cars? So, is it better to gun it a little and use 30 kW until you reach your desired speed, or use 12 kw and slowly reach your speed?
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The most fuel efficient way to accelerate which will give you a higher m/kWh which will give you more miles is to pretend there is an egg between the accelerator and your foot. Keeping the energy use light green will also help.
I read on here about people complaining about not getting at least 259 miles on a charge. If they would drive more efficiently, they would easily get that and more. I don’t charge to 100% anymore since I don’t need the distance or miles, but I would see 350 miles when my m/kWh was in the high 5s or higher.
Driving at 1 MPH less top speed would make way more difference from a practical standpoint than slower acceleration. Acceleration rate is somewhere around #50 on the list of things to extend the range of the vehicle.
Sorry, that that was not his question. I answered his question and it’s a fact.
That is pretty good. So far I am just getting like 4.3 mpkh
I used to have a LEAF, but the Bolt is much more efficient. In 2013, I hypermiled a LEAF that only had 94% capacity to 188 miles on one charge, and when finished had over 8 m/kWh. With my Bolt, I can get that going 40 mph on a 13 mile trip.
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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