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What's the reasoning behind this?

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Behind passenger's seat, there's a pocket for the rear passenger.

Driver's seat has none.

Can't be saving GM thaaat much money.
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Just kidding of course, but something i can picture my teenage daughter saying.
I suspect OPs kids raised this with a whiny "what does he/she get a pocket and I don't".

Honestly, I don't think I have ever used the map pocket, going on 5 years. So I suspect GM engineers overestimated the need?
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Good and funny replies!
I used to carry paper maps, threw them out years ago. Reason I brought this up was because I had 2 passengers the other day, the one behind me was looking for a place to put her things.
It comes in a two-pack, so nobody will feel left out. Make sure you fill it with kinds toys to entertain your passengers!
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