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Hi !
I want to buy TMPS sensors for the winter tires that will be installed on steel wheels. I used a barcode scanner to scan the RPO Codes label in order to make sure I select the proper frequency but I didn't find XL7 nor XL8 in the results. Is there another mean of knowing which TPS sensors frequency I need ? 315 or 433 MHz ?

Barcode result:
1G1FY6S0XL4114385,2020,1FB48,02,20,F ,XJWR0F, AG6 AH3 AR7 AXJ AYF C68 DD8 DG6 EN0 FE5 FE9 FE9 FJP GNO HO2 IOB I20 J67 KWP MBC MMF NT7 N34 ORN QBM RNW UDV UQ3 U2K V8E V9G WML Z49 2LT 2LT 4F1 5A7 6X1 7X1 8X2 9L3 9X2,633D,,,,

Thanks for your help !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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