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At the end of the day, I only paid $21K for a new car. There is that part.

In 2016 terms the Bolt EV actively cooled and actively heated battery was a step ahead of the Nissan Leaf, which is more like the kind of car with which the Bolt EV was supposed to compete.

Thinking of it in those terms, most of us would say that we can see how it is a few steps ahead.

And as others have discussed, in 2016 terms, 50 kW was really plenty fast.

Even the 2022 redesigned Bolts are slower with CCS/SAE charging because to get them faster would involve a redesign of the cooling system.

Most of us are going to charge at home over longer periods of time, and most of us are buying the Bolt EV in order to use it for daily driving that will always be well below the car's EPA mileage range.
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