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Will the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV seats be a drop-in replacement for the 2020 and 2021 models?

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The seats on the 2022 Bolt EV are supposed to be wider and more comfortable.
Does anyone know if they will be backwards compatable with the 2021 and 2020 models?
The 2021 seats are too narrow and uncomfortable for me.

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i wondered about this as well. Then I thought about how long it would take before 2022 models start showing up in wrecking yards and decided to let that idea go. I’ll probably hold on to this car for three years or so and then trade up to something else.
Another 2" can be had toward the driver door on the 17-21. The door armrest may sit over your left leg but that should not present a problem (high armrest). Even 1" would be a vast improvement.
Chevy needs to use NFL linemen to test the seat comfort. Not a 90lb super model.
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You say that but this is the first car that me at 6'0" has too much leg room with the seat all the way back. I had to move it forward 2 clicks.
I also noticed that the seat is offset to the right of the steering wheel by a little bit. I'm guessing this is because of side impact and airbag stuff so a new seat might not fix that.
Fore, aft, and head room is amazing. Width needs a little help but still far more comfortable than some airline fixed seats. Which I call two hour seats as that is as long as you can stand it 😬.
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Got a phone call while driving today, and was in front of the Chevy dealer. Parked next to 2 new EUVs. One was unlocked, so after my call I jumped in and tested it out. Seats are much better in three ways, but but the 4th
1. Back tests are flat, not concave. This car has power lumbar, which was a big big plus.
2. Lower cushion felt wider between the bolsters, and felt pretty good.
3. The power seat allowed me to lower the back of the button and raise the front, which felt much better to me.

4. Not fixed - the lower cushion is still 2” too shallow to fully support my thighs

Going to sit in an ID.4 someone soon. That may be my next car if they make the tax credit either immediate, refundable, or carry over to more than one year. Otherwise at only can use about $5000 of it.
Good info. Seriously considering the EUV if I get a fair shake on my 2020 Premier (paid off) in trade. Otherwise drive till which ever goes first. Bolt or me
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