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Window Shade: Heatshield

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got my new heatshield today and put it in the Bolt. I had one on my Outback and was very happy. The heat shield for the bolt is much less bulky than the Outback due to a narrower windshield, but it is a bit taller. It fits like a glove and has the cutout for either the LT or the Premier rear view mirror/sensor. Based on the material they use, I "don't" expect this thing to sag when hot like the OEM version.

This combined with my new Xpel ceramic tint should keep my baby cooler in the dog days of summer.
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How do you like your ceramic tint? Did you notice any affect on interior temperature? What % of tint did you have applied? I've been thinking of getting tinting on mine. At the shop where I inquired, one of the staff even had tinting on the windshield of his truck and said it didn't interfere with nighttime driving.
I love the ceramic tint! I got 35%. Preconditioning the car is awesome now. With the tint and heatshield my interior feels 25 degrees cooler than ambient. I got Xpel IR35 tint.
Did you get tinting on the windshield? I was thinking of getting a higher % on the passenger windows (not really dark, just more) and something less (25-40%) on the windshield, front side and hatchback windows.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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