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Windshield replacement issues

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Windshield replacement also requires a recalibration of the lane assist function?!?!?

The windshield of my wonderful Silver Premier developed a crack two days ago. A couple of things of interest came up.

First, the glass replacement folks told me they have to order replacement glass through the dealer. No major surprise here, but it will add days to the time of its replacement.

Secondly, the car has to be taken to the dealer for a 2-3 hour recalibration of the lane assist functions. Apparently, the wiring goes through the windscreen somehow and unhooking it will unset the functions.
I'm not thrilled about losing my car (and time) to get a simple glass replacement, but what can you do?
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My latest 800+ mile trip home I heard something hit the left side of the car. Several hours later I noticed two cracks going across the windshield. A rock or something hit within about 1/4 inch from the edge of the windshield. I'm driving back later this week and don't have time to mess with it right now. Luckily the cracks are not in my line of sight.
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