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Hey Charlie 👍,

I am just past struggling with going back to ICE. I went there less than a month ago by buying an ICE Equinox of all things. So I couldn’t wait for even a Bolt. My wife and I decided that we can’t deal with a one-car situation. So we paid full MSRP and called it a day.

I have major buyers remorse, and already am looking at the Equinox EV. I expect to lose like betting on the 3 to 1 favorite, and watching the horse stumble and destruct out of the gate LOL.

Your plan is much better than my mine. And my brain is 99.9% positive that your brain is positive for a very good reason: we have been permanently altered by the Bolt. And now I will just go cry for awhile 😢 😭
I would say the Equinox ev is smaller inside than the ice Equinox looking at the 2 close together. Roof line is lower. Wheel base might be longer. They are probably correct when they say the volume seats down is less than the euv. I still think I will get one. But going to wait to drive it. The bolt has the easy in easy out advantage with the high roof line. If they would just ultium the bolt I think it's got some years left in it. It's a highly functional car.
301 - 302 of 302 Posts