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well... after a while I learnt that:
  • I can cause the narrow line (predictor) on the side of the GOM to go up or down by making some changes to my driving
  • I treat the numbers with great respect and rather I use them as a some indication of what I have left vs what it thinks I can do (if I know my route and I know how many miles are left, I can do the math on the fly and monitor the numbers if the difference (reserve: what it says minus that is left to go) stays the same
  • I can get further than it says if I drive slower
  • I mainly use the bars as those tell me what is the energy content as @GJETSON said. That is my energy I have left. One bar is about 3 kWh and I know going 40 mph will give me about 5.5 miles to kWh... or going 80 mph will return 2.5 miles to kWh.... my choice how to use the energy

and a few other small things.
1 - 1 of 107 Posts