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JMO myself and many others have been really confused by the GOM because we have misunderstood its purpose.

It has taken over a year since purchasing a Bolt to sort of finally understand the GOM and why it has caused worry, fear, uncertainty, disappointment, and annoyance all along because it seems the battery never charges to full advertised range even though the car's infotainment center and little green light claim the battery is fully charged.

It is not only about cold weather.

A few days ago while being annoyed with 118-miles range after an outdoor 30-degree overnight L2 charge was reminded of some posts read here recently that noted the GOM projects range based on driver history.

It took a day or so for that to sink in.

Was thinking if not at spec full range the battery cannot be at full charge.
Now realize that idea is completely wrong.

"Range" is not how far the car will travel or how much charge is in the batteries.

The GOM offers an algorithmic analysis of a user's driving habits. Not sure yet what to think about this. Might be more concerned if finding my driving habits have been used to create a user profile that is sold to third parties.


In use, while driving the car, the GOM is not an EV substitute for a ICE fuel level gauge. It has nothing to do with the car's operation and is all about analysing the driver.

Rather than the GOM's psychoanalysis, would rather have a simple meter showing how much actual charge is in the batteries.

Would rather be left alone in "private driving mode" and left on my own to figure out how much range is available given the level of charge in the batteries.

Just found out the Mach-E has a reset feature that deletes the driver history on which it bases available range estimates, and click-click, full spec advertised range appears on its version of a GOM.

Does the Bolt have this reset driver history feature?

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Thanks all for the comments and referral to the other thread.
Agree newbies like me need a lot of help.

Missed the part "based on driver habits."

Also because of being old school negligent do not pay a lot of attention to anything except speedometer, and didn't pay a lot of attention beyond one reading to the owner's manual.

Became a member here instead because owners know more, just my opinion.

Apologies to those who would condemn me for not wanting a social relationship with my car or wanting to know much about it unless required.

The point of the opening post was to highlight the confusion those like me have had and make some sort of attempt to explain it.

When in the morning we get into an ICE car and the fuel gauge says "full" we know there is gas in the tank up to the maximum the tank can hold.

When we get in an EV in the morning after charging all night and it tells us, based on driver habits, we only have three-fourths or less of "full range," it is not the same thing as a full tank of gas.

But for some of us it takes awhile to understand that and we ask silly irritating to some questions because things make no sense.

Why is it the car never shows the full range I thought I was buying?

Now I know.

Is it possible like on the Mach-E to reset driver habits to none?
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