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Yes, there some places and times where a Tesla might be worth the money; maybe

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Some family members have a place in Moab, UT and we love to send time there with them hiking and visiting the six state and four national parks. Seeing is not believing; just beyond human comprehensionl

The roads through the parks are always crowded, 30 - 45 MPH speed limits, curves, hills and spectacular scenery on both sides and sometimes straight up and straight down.

They have a Tesla with autopilot and follow cruise; these two features our Bolt lacks makes the day in the park in a Tesla a walk in the park. Thanksgiving weekend is crowded and there was a twenty-minute-stop-and-go line just to get into the park; follow cruise made that cake. Then, set the autopilot at 45 MPH and the Tesla does the rest. If the car in front doesn't hold a steady speed, the autopilot can be set to maintain 1 - 5 car lengths behind the car in front and follow the road. A gentle hand resting on the bottom of the steering wheel is all that is necessary and the driver can enjoy the scenery as much as the passengers. Tesla knows when the speed limits change and will slow and go as necessary.

Having said how much I love autopilot in that situation, there are times it gets it wrong and will scare the shite out of everyone in the car. A cyclist on the shoulder will cause autopilot to panic, slowing rapidly, beeping warnings and switching off. Coming down the mountain toward the park entrance, there are a series of 15 - 25 MPH 180-degree switchbacks. The autopilot had been slowing for most of these, but the last one it ran straight into it at 45 MPH, not noticeably slowing. The Tesla's owner says, "Trust the technology." but there was a vertical sandstone bluff staring us in the face; trust, but verify.

Bottom line, the Tesla autopilot is almost as smooth as a really good driver; but it's not yet anywhere near autonomous, but in the situations for which it is suited, it's magic.

jack vines
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I like actually driving a car. I don't find it so challenging that I desire it to be automated.
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Using the phrases "Autopilot" and "Full Self Driving" to market what they're actually delivering supports the narrative that they're pushing the idea that the technology can do more than it's really capable of. Given the actual functionality, those terms are misleading at best IMHO.
Part of marketing is to mislead. That's why I quit it.
Whether flying or driving, pay attention!
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