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Just came back from the dealer after having my tires rotated as part of the 7,500 mile scheduled maintenance program. The service manager told me to disregard the oil and filter change on the report as he knew that didn't apply to the Bolt. Good start! Unlike the discontinued Volt which still used a gas engine. OK, still knowledgeable. He asked me how I liked the car and I told him I loved it. "Are you getting the 238 miles of range?" he asked. "I got 288 miles on my trip to Pennsylvania averaging 4.8 mi/kwh" I replied. "Pennsylvania, you drove it to Pennsylvania?" (I live in Massachusetts) "Where did you charge?" "How long did you charge?" He seemed shocked that I actually drove out of state! They're still catching up with the whole EV driving experience. At least he knew it didn't take oil, that's encouraging.
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