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2019 BMW X2, 2020 Bolt
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Just got some Fastwheels FC04s. 17x8 et45 with 235/45r17 General G-Max RS tires. This combo comes in at 39.4 lbs, 6.7 lbs lighter than OEM.

WARNING: this is an extremely close fit and does require a small spacer. With no spacer the tire just touches the strut, so I machined some 2mm spacers and now have exactly 2mm clearance to the strut. With a 225 or OEM 215 width tire everything should clear just fine with no spacers. Also, different brands and models have different section widths for the same size so some 235s may be fine, others marginal (like the G-Max RS) and others will definitely rub (Hankook RS4).
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Car looks great! You are making me a bit nervous because I am planning on running 235/45/17s also, but the wheel has an offset of 40, so I think I'm good...hopefully, lol!
341 - 345 of 345 Posts